Mentors give you directions.
Sherpas take you there.

The number of women working in the Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (known as STEM) fields is unacceptably low. Amongst female students studying relevant subjects we've noticed that a lot of highly desired talent is being lost so we are giving them a reason to stay in the field and pursue a STEM career.

There are a good number of reasons to stay on the STEM path; we're providing the right motivators and toolsets for female students to take advantage of all that the STEM industry has to offer. By giving female students personal, relatable and real role models as career 'Sherpas' who will teach them good career habits which will stay with them for a lifetime, we hope to stem the 'brain drain'.

Will you be a

We ask you to:

  • - Introduce your Sherpee to at least one valuable contact
  • - Take your Sherpee to an industry event
  • - Meet with your Sherpee for at least 8 hours, over a period of 4 months
  • - Try to have at least one meeting or shadowing session in a workplace environment
  • - Attend one of our matching events in Birmingham or London

Would you like to be a Sherpee?

We ask you to:

  • - Communicate with your Sherpa in a timely fashion and with respect
  • - Keep a log of your time with your Sherpa and provide feedback via OtotheB
  • - Wholeheartedly make the most of the opportunity
  • - Share your experience with our existing community
  • - Attend one of our matching events in Birmingham or London

One-on-one relationship

Every young woman has the chance to be matched with a woman in industry who will nurture you, might take you to industry networking events and help you complete career boosting activities.

Real-life opportunities

Young women have the opportunity to get a week's worth of work experience with one of our partners, and the chance to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, in the US.

On Demand service

Each Sherpee has access to OtotheB to ask questions, view profiles and learn more about specific aspects of the industry as well as record progress with their Sherpa.

About the Programme

Deutsche Bank: Born to Be

Student to Stemette is part of Born to Be , Deutsche Bank’s youth engagement programme which helps young people to develop the skills, aspirations and access to the opportunities they need to reach their potential.

2014 Cohort: The Pilot

The Student to Stemette pilot ran with 45 girls in 2014 and took five girls on an all expenses paid trip to Arizona to attend the Grace Hopper Conference. Here's a taste of what happened on the second day of the conference.

Your life campaign

Student to Stemette is also a part of the UK government’s Your Life campaign - launched to showcase the dynamic career opportunities unlocked by studying Maths and Physics.

Get in touch

We've put as much as possible up on this site. Yasmin, Sherpa Stemette heads up the programme and is available to answer any extra questions you may have.