Becoming a Sherpee

The next step for those studying Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths-related subjects at school, college or university.

Through this experience I haven't gained just my assigned sherpa but many others who I had the chance to network with, exchange tweets with and who are there when I need them for advice on which route to take. If you lack confidence in your own ability, are unsure of which direction to follow up after college or university and you are willing to complete and research the things your sherpa asks of you the benefits of the scheme are huge...take the opportunity and you will not regret becoming a Student to Stemette Sherpee. Jasmin, 19

A four month, one-on-one relationship

You'll have regular meetings with your Sherpa to plan, discuss and implement a specific career discovery strategy which will help you maximise the impact of each step you take towards your STEM career. Our Sherpas are DBS checked and work in a STEM-related role or have studied a STEM subject, and have a diverse set of backgrounds and interests. Your Sherpa will have a 'MeetGuide' to work through with you which aims to focus your career activity and give you the best experience for the short time you'll spend together. After each session, you'll need to report back on progress via OtotheB.

A career placement, for a week or longer

Work experience and real-world opportunities in this sector can be hard to come by, but are essential for making informed decisions about your career steps. We have partnered with a number of firms in the industry to give you the option to shadow, intern or visit people in real STEM jobs during the programme. You might be able to shadow your Sherpa and will have the opportunity to visit industry events with them or the Stemettes team, for free - outside of term time or school hours.

Personal career advice, on Demand

After your time with your Sherpa or your placement, there will still be questions you need answered and options you need to explore. OtotheB is our online, on-demand platform where you'll be able to live chat, hangout with or 'agony aunt' with people in industry to soak up even more information about the career paths you could take. You'll be able to store content you don't want to forget or want to watch back later in your portfolio. By 2016, you'll be able to get unique rewards for what you do when logged into OtotheB - from exclusive merchandise to once in a lifetime dinners.